Sarah Corbyn Woolf


  • Cymbeline or All's Well That Ends Well: casting TBA!
    Dec 6-7     7:30     theatre xx
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  • MFA candidate at the Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University,

  • Understudying Nancy Robinette in the role of Death in Shakespeare Theater Company's production of EVERYBODY by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins.

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T h e a t e R

Are you here for theater? I am an actress and a producer, currently getting my MFA from the Academy for Classical Acting. My theater practice is bold and playful experimentation in search of nuanced vibrations that can shift the frequencies of our selves and our world.

Romeo and Juliet

The Woolgatherers Theater Group, NY

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T a r o T (and more!)

Are you here for tarot? I am a guide, and sometimes a healer. I use tarot and ritual-based coaching to help my clients to be patient with their questions, to embody fortitude as they find their answers, and to discover more joy along the way.I offer guidance in the form of tarot readings and ritual-based coaching, both in person, via email, and remotely.

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A c t i v i s M

Are you here to try and figure out why I keep posting those photos on my Instagram? I am an activist. I explore pleasure, body, sex, and skin positivity as much as I can in my daily life as well as radical vulnerability, transparency, exposure, and truth telling on social media in an effort to reclaim and foster humanity in a part of our world that so easily slaughters it.

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T e a c h i n G

I learn as much from those I teach as they do from me. I staunchly believe that if it is otherwise, I'm doing something wrong. Thanks to this, I consider everything I do to be teaching in one form or another. But most directly, I have been apprenticing specifically in movement and text under the faculty of Shakespeare & Company's training and education departments. I aspire to continue teaching both established and aspiring actors in as many arenas as I can.

I also work independently as a text and acting coach. This work offers the opportunity for one on one connection and exploration, which I love. Reach out if you'd like to learn more about this offering!

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G e t  i n  t o u c H . . . 

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