Sarah Corbyn Woolf

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I am an actor, teacher, mover, coach, student, producer, and more. I seek to illuminate connections between the unique and the universal, tugging at the threads that run through centuries of storytelling in order to shift our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

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in All's Well that Ends Well 
at Advice to the Players
New Hampshire

MFA - Academy for Classical Acting at GWU in conjunction with Shakespeare Theatre company

in Blithe Spirit 
at Majestic Theater

"Elvira, the dead first wife, gives Woolf multiple opportunities to stretch the comedy info farce...she plays the humanity in Elvira’s inhumanity...creating a much stronger character than is common...Woolf keeps Elvira real and gives Coward’s character a palpable insanity.

Photo by Jessica Osber