M o v e m e n t

For years, I thought I didn't belong in movement, dance, and physical theater rooms. Now I seek and make opportunities to lead them.

Through both deeply somatic and raucously expressive experiences bringing my body back into the studio, I have come to discover that not only is my artistry gloriously served by my work in movement, but I have a passion for helping others overcome their own presuppositions about what kinds of stories their body can tell.

My movement background includes training in Trish Arnold, John Broome, historic dance, Lecoq Technique, Laban Movement Analysis, and proprioceptive approaches to the voice. My ongoing and everlasting study of the body in motion currently takes the form of ongoing lessons in Bartenieff Fundamentals with Alexandra Beller, BodyMind Dancing with Dr. Martha Eddy, and Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen.

From Instagram Series,
"For The Teenager In Me Who Was Told Her Only Stories Worth Telling Came From Her Brain
Parts 1-5