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mental health coordination


The frequency of mental illness among theater makers is staggering. With psychological awareness and emotional intelligence at the core of our work as artists, we are also in a strong position to shift the industry towards one that consistently values and actively tends to the mental health of its participants, whether students, performers, crew, or leadership.

Through certification with the Association of Mental Health Coordinators, I bring training in conflict resolution, one-on-one support, dramaturgy of mental illness and best practices in portrayal, accessibility coordination, navigation of power dynamics, policy development, and more, all rooted in an evidence-based, biochemical understanding of our emotional and psychological experience.

I am available for both short- and long-term support, including...​

  • Content Transparency and Audience Support

  • Access Needs Coordination

  • Policy Audit

  • Script Risk Analysis and Portrayal Dramaturgy

  • Collaboration and Conflict Navigation

  • Company or Ensemble Trainings and Workshops

  • ...and much more! 


Interested in working together?

Reach out! 

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Alongside training with them, I also serve as part of leadership for the Association of Mental Health Coordinators, heading Engagement and our public-facing communications -- think website, social media, etc.

It's an honor to be part of this growing network of professionals and I'm happy to chat about training with us any time. Read more about the organization by clicking that logo over there --> 

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