Classes + Coaching

As an instructor, I join physical awareness with deep textual inquiry in the pursuit of storytelling. Those who work with me walk away with a clear sense of their text, strong personal connection, and the ongoing fulfillment of honing their artistic practice.

Having trained as a movement and text teacher since 2018 and then completing my MFA in 2020, I offered my first independent class that same year. Called ZmActing, each of the two sessions explored how to bring our physical life to and through the screen in search of new ways to tell stories on live virtual platforms.

In addition to teaching, I also offer 1:1 coaching. Working with me is an opportunity not only to expand your acting craft, but to examine how you move through the industry.


If you...

  • have an upcoming audition

  • got a note from your director that you just can't quite parse on your own

  • are prepping for a role

  • want to explore a particular element of Shakespeare's cannon

  • are considering a career recalibration

  • feel more frustrated than fulfilled with your practice or career

  • just wanna chat about being a human who makes art


...drop me a line and we'll get started!

"Sarah has an intuitive sense of what things to try and how to play with the text. Working with her on Shakespeare is a dream because her experience with text is excellent and she really knows what she’s doing. Her guidance was invaluable, and  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an acting coach! "

-Rachel, NYC

I learn as much from those I teach as they do from me. Otherwise, I'm doing something wrong. This is my guiding principle as I work to recognize my privilege and amplify the voices and experiences of those less listened to, whether in the classroom, rehearsal room, staff meetings, one-on-one sessions, and beyond.

Academy for Classical Acting

Photo by Alec Wild