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As an educator and coach, I join physical awareness with detailed text work in pursuit of clear, expressive, and vibrant storytelling. Those who work with me walk away with a clear sense of their text, strong personal connection, physical availability, and the fulfillment of honing their artistic practice.

I offer my curriculum, "Embodied Shakespeare," in a range of settings, from individual coaching to high school workshops. It follows six pillars -- text analysis, structure of the verse, wit and rhetoric, embodied play, historical context, and audience relationship -- and is malleable to fit the needs of any class or organization. It integrates a range of theater modalities, including Linklater Voice, Laban Movement Analysis, and LeCoq, serving both as a building block of Shakespeare training as well as an introduction to other techniques that may inspire participants towards future areas of study.

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Upcoming WOrkshop

Shakespeare Aloud

Offered by

Community Shakespeare of New England

June 10, 12, 14

Holyoke, MA + Hybrid


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"Sarah has an intuitive sense of what things to try and how to play with the text. Working with her on Shakespeare is a dream because her experience with text is excellent and she really knows what she’s doing. Her guidance was invaluable, and  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an acting coach! "

-Rachel, NYC

Academy for Classical Acting

Photo by Alec Wild

I learn as much from the individuals I teach as they do from me, if not more. This is my guiding principle as I work to recognize my privilege and amplify the voices and experiences of those who have been marginalized by our systemically prejudiced industry. As a beneficiary of the current system, I am committed to confronting injustices within and beyond my theatrical lineage as I consider my role in the future of education in this art form and how I might be of support to BIPOC, queer, body diverse, and neurodivergent artists and students.

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