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Working primarily with Shakespeare, I seek conversation and collaboration amongst actors and audience, supported by thorough textual investigation, clear physical life, and a deeply personal voice. 

I have worked with companies throughout the (mostly) Northeast, including New York Classical Theatre, Shakespeare & Company, Majestic Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company, and Advice to the Players.

As an ongoing student of this art form, I have trained in movement, voice, clown, fight, dance, and acting with a number of companies, including Alexandra Beller Dances, Shakespeare & Company, The Barrow Group, the Linklater Voice Center, and The Humanist Project. I also hold an M.F.A. from the Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University in conjunction with Shakespeare Theatre Company.

selected roles


Sir Toby Belch


Friar Lawrence

Jeweller, Timandra

Queen, Belarius







All's Well That Ends Well 

Twelfth Night

Blithe Spirit

Romeo and Juliet (audio)

Timon of Athens U/S



Romeo and Juliet

The Whirligig (reading)

The Rivals

Much Ado About Nothing


Advice to the Players; dir. Caroline Nesbitt

Elsewhere Shakespeare

Majestic Theater; dir. Sue Dziura

Academy for Classical Acting; dir. Holly Twyford

Shakespeare Theatre Company; dir. Simon Godwin

Academy for Classical Acting; dir. Dan Crane

Shakespeare Theatre Company; dir. Will Davis

The Woolgatherers Theater Company; dir. Grace Herman-Holland

Shakespeare & Co; dir. Hamish Linklater

New York Classical Theater; dir. Stephen Burdman

The Fools and Kings Project; dir. Kenny Wade Marshall

The Fools and Kings Project; dir. Kenny Wade Marshall

Sandwich, NH

Northampton, MA

West Springfield, MA

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

New York, NY

Lenox, MA

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

From Romeo and Juliet
The Woolgatherers Theater Group
Brooklyn, NY


Thanks to a handy-dandy pandemic, I have recently expanded my practice to include voiceover work. I'm not entirely new to this work, having originated and developed the role of Anna the Intern on the podcast How We Manage Stuff since 2015.

But my skills and expertise rapidly expanded since March of 2020. Under the tutelage of Lisa Beley, voice teacher extraordinaire at the Academy for Classical Acting, we have practiced narration, animation, and radio drama since going remote.

Our culminating MFA project, which was of course meant to be a live theatrical performance, was also converted into radio plays. It was a challenge and a pleasure to bring the language of Shakespeare into such an intimate audio space.

Fiction Narration Demo
Non-Fiction Narration Demo


With rehearsals starting in July, I am counting down the days until my first directing gig:

War of the Roses Part 1:

She-wolves and Queens

Produced by Advice to the Players

Runs August 5-13 in Sandwich, NH



My first company was born in 2016, out of a corner of our neighborhood bar. We called ourselves The Woolgatherers Theater Group and we sought to tell old stories in new ways with artists from a broad range of backgrounds in their artistic methodologies and social communities. Despite shared undergraduate training, my co-founder and I had since pursued vastly different training, but shared a philosophy and passion for audience engagement, truthful storytelling, and a visceral experience.

As a producer, my job is to balance logistics and creativity in support of the artistic team. With The Woolgatherers, I managed fundraising campaigns ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 as well as marketing strategies that sold out numerous performances. And, as any theater maker knows, I picked up any and all bits and pieces that needed tending throughout the process, from hiring front of house staff to running out and buying ice myself. I also worked as an actor for this company, strengthening my prioritization, delegation, and self-awareness as I balanced creativity and logistics in tandem.

I stepped away from The Woolgatherers a stronger leader, a more supportive team member, and a lifelong student of group dynamics and interpersonal communication. It brings me deep pleasure to bring artists together and help facilitate a shared creative process.

Photos from 'Eyes of a Blue Dog,' 'Romeo and Juliet,' and 'Genesis 22.'   The Woolgatherers Theater Group, NY.  Photos by Ariella Axelbank and others.

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