Welcome to the Zoom Moon team!

In light of the world's current events, I felt compelled to open up what's essentially my first moon circle, but done a little differently. I love a classic moon circle as much as anyone, but even (lol) I have felt irrationally excluded from such spaces for not being spiritual enough, not knowing enough, or, worst of all, just looking wrong.


The primary tenet of this experience is inclusivity of all, any, or no practice. My inspiration and brief leadership is rooted in my particular spirituality, but by no means intended as a prescription for participants. I simply share a little of what I'm considering on that particular evening, in case it resonates or offers some guidance.

To the right I've included some copy from the original invitation email, in which I explain this a little more specifically:

"At 7pm we may begin 7 minutes of together-ness. We’ll all stay on mute so that your own time can be filled with any sort of sound you’d like. Some possibilites for how to use those 7 minutes:

  • Light a candle and be with the flame.

  • Sing a song (on mute).

  • Dance.

  • Pray.

  • Meditate.

  • Be in stillness.

  • Pull tarot cards.

  • Sip tea.

  • Apply lotion to your body.

  • Massage your feet.

  • Stare out the window. Stare at a wall. Stare at your pet or partner.

  • Water your plants. 

  • Color. Knit. Craft.

  • Many, many more.

We are gathering together many people of many practices.

What unifies us is simple: intentional collecting. And a full moon."

Generally, we meet the evening closest to a full moon, and the schedule tends to run as follows:

6:50     Gather on Zoom.

7:00     Seven minutes of collective intentionality.

7:07     A few minutes of wrap up or re-entry (as needed) from whatever you were doing.

              Many opt to depart at this point.

7:10     An optional moment to share with whoever has some time to stick around.

Occasionally, the structured schedule beings a little before 7:00 with optional features: guided meditations, some guided movement, or a collective tarot card pull.

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The following are possible dates for upcoming events. This is always open to change dependent on my (still in grad school) schedule, so be sure to submit your email address above to be included in future correspondence!

August 2, Full Moon in Aquarius - CONFIRMED

August 18, New Moon in Leo

September 2, Full Moon in Pisces

September 17, New Moon in Virgo

October 1, Full Moon Aries

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