Thanks to a handy-dandy pandemic, I have recently expanded my practice to include voiceover work. I'm not entirely new to this work, having originated and developed the role of Anna the Intern on the podcast How We Manage Stuff since 2015.

But my skills and expertise rapidly expanded since March of 2020. Under the tutelage of Lisa Beley, voice teacher extraordinaire at the Academy for Classical Acting, we have practiced narration, animation, and radio drama since going remote.

Our culminating MFA project, which was of course meant to be a live theatrical performance, was also converted into radio plays. It was a challenge and a pleasure to bring the language of Shakespeare into such an intimate audio space.

To the right, you will find links to those radio plays, to the podcast, and to demos for fiction and non-fiction narration.

Fiction Narration Demo
Non-Fiction Narration Demo

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