Theater Coaching

I am currently offering one-on-one Shakespeare coaching remotely via video calls as I complete my MFA. If you...

  • have an upcoming audition

  • got a note from your director that you just can't quite parse on your own

  • are prepping for a role

  • simply want to explore a certain element of Shakespeare's cannon

...drop me a line and we'll see if it's a fit!

I am also beginning to offer coaching on artistry in general, specifically with a focus towards classical work. So far, this coaching leans a little bit in the ritual-based coaching practice, with an eye towards what brings you fulfillment as an artist, questions you have about your role in this form, and decision making as you move through the industry.

I learn as much from those I teach as they do from me. I staunchly believe that if it is otherwise, I'm doing something wrong. Thanks to this, I consider everything I do to be teaching in one form or another. But most directly, I have been apprenticing specifically in movement and text under the faculty of Shakespeare & Company's training and education departments. I aspire to continue teaching both established and aspiring actors in as many arenas as I can.

I work independently as a text and acting coach and am currently taking a break from ongoing work with the movement and text faculty at Shakespeare & Company as I pursue my MFA. I hope to move towards teaching classes through my theater company, as well as in institutions, but for now, reach out if you are interested in one-on-one opportunities!

photo by John Dolan

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