about my

Sliding Scale

Let me lead by saying:

I would not offer this were it not

within my boundaries to do so.

I promise.

My sliding scale goes down to 60% of an offering's original price. 


It is based on the honor system which means you determine your price, no questions asked. I trust that the same voice guiding you to my practice will guide you to the right exchange, as well.


All I ask is that you consider the following as you determine:

not only financial stability  but also accessibility to income. 


For example, while two individuals may be unemployed, the identity of one may lead to greater difficulty getting hired than the other. Or when they are hired, they may earn less. One might have an inheritance coming their way, even if it is inaccessible at present, or a safety net that will catch them if they fall, even if it takes hitting rock bottom.


Please remember that while abuse of this sliding scale may not result in direct (tangible) repercussions, it will eventually disrupt my ability to offer it for those who are in need.


© 2021by Sarah Corbyn Woolf.