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Ritual-based Coaching

As you work with any one practitioner over time, the patterns of your life emerge with ever-increasing clarity. Are you constantly seeing reversed cards? Does a certain suit consistently come up? Have they found a Buddy, that card that just won’t leave them alone? As these patterns become visible, a question often arises: "How?" How can you make use of the wisdom you've found? How does it affect your next step? Now what?


So how, I’ve wondered, can I help walk my clients through the ephemera of our tarot adventures and help them carry it into the practicalities of daily life?

Along comes ritual-based coaching.

This is an opportunity to nurture the seeds planted by a reading. Sometimes it's a prescription for teas to drink, sometimes instructions to bury their feet in sea water and sand. Other clients depart with newfound clarity after spending some time on the floor observing their breath, noticing their body, and making space for their instincts to speak up. All have found that somewhere in the alchemy of pragmatism and intuition, I offer a strong guiding hand.


Let’s break down these two ingredients. Pragmatism is easy: I’m an entrepreneur, I run an independent theater company, and I'm a millennial surviving in NYC. Check mark. Intuition is more personal and more mysterious. It emerges from relationship and exploration. It carries us deep into the psyche and lifts us to new levels of self-understanding.


This is not ceremony or life coaching. But it draws from all these practices and others, a variety that I have learned from my family, my teachers, and my own spiritual exploration. I include breath work, meditation, herbalism, body awareness, visualization, and common sense in my offering, as well as more esoteric wisdom and practice, depending on what resonates with you and your experience.

In this practice, I am by your side.


I offer allyship and camaraderie, with an extra dose of perspective and knowledge.  Hand in hand, we ask questions, we make discoveries, we find clarity and discernment through self-inquiry, awareness, and understanding. Ritual-based coaching is deeply rooted in relationship. So, I am opening this offering exclusively through Patreon, a platform that enables you to support creators on a regular basis. In return for a monthly pledge, you receive monthly benefits. Each of tier of giving includes the opportunity for ritual-based coaching as well as tarot-based benefits.


The Details

This practice is more malleable and more client-driven than tarot. It is deeply based in you, your patterns, your needs, your moment in time. So, as we develop a relationship, part of the process is communicating about those needs and experimenting with a medium that works for you.

Once you engage with this offering, we will have a brief call to discuss how you envision the journey and what drew you to this practice. From there, we will brainstorm a model that will work for you, taking into account your own personal practice, your hopes for outside guidance, and your time and financial boundaries.


Each tier of giving at Patreon offers the opportunity to engage in this practice. A monthly exchange is the only way to engage in ritual-based coaching, which ensures that this service is only available to those seeking an ongoing relationship.


Here's how the pricing breakdown:

  • for $5 or $10 a month, you receive the opportunity for coaching at the baseline price of $40 for a half hour session.

  • for $20 and $35 a month, the price drops to $30 for a half hour session.

  • for $50 a month, you receive a free half hour of coaching, with further sessions at the price of $20 for a half hour session.

  • for $75 a month, you receive a free half hour of coaching, with further sessions at the price of $10 for a half hour session.


To sign up, read more, and see the tarot-based benefits, head over to Patreon!

More questions? I bet. 

Get in touch!


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