Welcome to the Moon Zoom Team!

In light of the world's current events, I felt compelled to open up what's essentially my first moon circle, but done a little differently. I love a classic moon circle as much as anyone, but I have sometimes have felt excluded, however irrationally, for not being spiritual enough, not knowing enough, or not fitting in.


The primary tenet of this experience is inclusivity of all, any, or no practice. My brief leadership is rooted in my own spirituality, but by no means intended as a prescription for participants. On occasions when I do lead something more structured, it is never mandatory or part of the core schedule.

To the right is an excerpt from the original email invite:

"At 7pm we may begin 7 minutes of together-ness. We’ll all stay on mute so that your own time can be filled with any sort of sound you’d like. Some possibilites for how to use those 7 minutes:

  • Light a candle and be with the flame.

  • Sing a song (on mute).

  • Dance.

  • Pray.

  • Meditate.

  • Be in stillness.

  • Pull tarot cards.

  • Sip tea.

  • Apply lotion to your body.

  • Massage your feet.

  • Stare out the window. Stare at a wall. Stare at your pet or partner.

  • Water your plants. 

  • Color. Knit. Craft.

  • Many, many more.

We are gathering together many people of many practices.

What unifies us is simple: intentional collecting. And a full moon."

We meet around or on the new and full moons, and the core schedule runs as follows:

6:50     Gather on Zoom.

7:00     Seven minutes of collective intentionality.

7:07     A few minutes of wrap up or re-entry (as needed) from whatever you were doing.

              Some opt to depart at this point.

7:10     A few minutes to share amongst those who stick around.

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