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I started reading tarot cards in middle school. I dressed in my witchiest skirt, wrapped the major arcana in a moody scarf, and read out on the playground at recess. In the decade or so since then, my personal practice waxed and waned. But over the past few years, global turmoil and sapling adulthood brought with them a new dedication to, trust of, and love for the cards. This took many forms: regular readings for myself, daily Instagram challenges, reading for strangers in bars, and of course an in-depth study of the practice and ever-developing understanding of the craft.


I see tarot as one of many "ways in," a structured path to self-inquiry. A reading provides the opportunity to gain deeper insight into your present moment and circumstances. I work with Pamela Coleman Smith-based decks and tend towards the language of cyclical motion and the elements, with splashes of astrology thrown in here and there. I also place great importance on using language that resonates with my clients' relationship to Mystery and the Unknown. My highest priority is to create a safer space in which my client can be fully present as we tap into whatever brought them to my table in the first place. More on that in the FAQ!

Offering this service to my community, clients new and old, brings me immense joy and brings my clients heightened clarity and deep insight.


O f f e r i n g s


Remote readings have always been a favorite of mine and are particularly powerful, as we are each joining the experience from a deeply personal space.

Accessibility is incredibly important to me in this practice. If these prices are not comfortable for you but you still feel called to a session with me, I offer a sliding scale.

The Big Picture:

a 10 card reading

Zoom In to Zoom Out:

a 5 card reading

A classic celtic cross, this spread digs deep into your present circumstances, your place in  chronology, and your emotional journey. It helps weave together seemingly distant corners of our lives.

Exchange: $120

This spread explores the current moment and its influences, as well as medicine and intention that may help you along to whatever's next. It offers a close look at the present in order to release our grip on the future.  

Exchange: $65

The Moons Ahead:

a 4 card reading

Offering insight into upcoming new, full, and both quarter moons, this is a helping hand through an upcoming lunar cycle. Scheduled in accordance with the next new moon.

Exchange: $45

Weekly One-Card Readings

A bridge between tarot readings and coaching, this entails a 20 minute session every 1-2 weeks in which we pull one card in search of guidance on a regular basis, without the deep dive or deep investment of a larger reading. This new offering provides a more accessible and in some ways more practical way to access wisdom from the cards.

Exchange: $20/session*

Requires a commitment of three sessions to start.

Custom Readings

These readings allow for a format that is not included above, and is an opportunity to expand the information presented. Larger spreads might include astrological or lunar spreads,

month- or year-ahead spreads, and more. 



Exchange:  between $150-250*

Includes reading itself as well as a consultation to begin the process of designing a custom spread.

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Looking for Ritual-based Coaching? Click here!

*Sliding Scale not applicable; please inquire if this presents an obstacle for you.


If you've been thinking about a reading with Sarah but just haven't made the leap now's your chance. My reading with Sarah was full, like bright, glowing full moon full. The best description I can give is full, round and deep. There is nothing superficial. Sarah gives fully then explains and illustrates so you understand. I continue to go back to my notes and grab more insights. Give yourself this gift. 

- L.F., Massachusetts



How should I prepare for a reading?​​

The most important thing is to bring yourself in a fully present way to the experience--mind, body, and soul. If you have any sort of energetic practice, be it mindfulness, meditation, prayer, or even exercise, I encourage you to engage with that practice with a little extra attention, intention, and love in the days leading up to the reading, and ideally the day of, as well. 

What if I don't really "believe" in this kind of thing?


We'll chat a little bit beforehand about what kind of vocabulary you would like to use throughout the session, so don't worry if the language you might think of as being associated with Tarot doesn't resonate! This experience belongs to you, and I place high importance on finding language that will contribute to that experience, rather than distract from it. Some decks depict gendered figures. Some of the symbology calls in traditional religious ideas of the divine. Whether or not these are systems you identify with, I see these encounters as an invitation to dig into the origins behind a societal construct and how that can offer greater clarity in your life!


Are you going to predict my future?


Probably not. Definitely not on purpose. If I do, we won't know until later. This isn't fortune telling, and it doesn’t provide yes or no answers. I like to think of a reading as a very detailed mirror, reflecting back what we may have known about ourselves already but in a new light, or perhaps something we hadn't even considered yet. 

I'm not trying to guess at facts about your life, either. A reading with me is most helpful when it becomes a conversation between you, me, and the cards. All three entities have a lot of wisdom to offer. More on sharing those details further down...

Do I need to ask a question?​


I encourage clients to come in with a few questions, or areas in which they are experiencing confusion or doubt. I often like to set the intention of a reading around the structure of "What do I need to know about X," or, "What should I keep in mind about Y." Often, after discussing the questions or concerns you bring in, we may find an umbrella question that unites them all-- this is often the case :)

Will I have to share all my deepest, darkest secrets?​

A note on sharing the intricacies of your life: I lay no claim to these details. However, the more I know, the more I can help to find thru lines in the reading, and the more certain aspects of a card might pop out with a particular emphasis and clarity. What you share is up to you, and I never want you to feel like you owe me any information. But sharing such details can bring unexpected nuance to a reading, which neither of us could ever have predicted. And of course, whatever comes up is 110% confidential.


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