Ecstatic Rabbit Coaching

Born from my experience with long-term repeat tarot clients, coaching offers an ongoing relationship between practitioner and client, crafted around that client’s particular and ever-changing needs. 


This work started as a way to carry the ephemera of a tarot reading into everyday life. Since then, however, it has grown to encompass much more. My clients have included individuals seeking to expand their overall spirituality, folks beginning a healing journey with their body and their sensuality, artists integrating their psyche into their theatrical or writing practice, and new students of tarot.


As it is entirely client-driven, coaching can take these many forms, and more. Accordingly, the experience itself is different for everyone. All have found that somewhere in the alchemy of everyday pragmatism and intuition, I offer a strong guiding hand and voice.

Let's break down these ingredients.

Pragmatism is easy: I’m an entrepreneur, I have run an independent theater company, and surviving and thriving millennial. Check mark. Intuition is more personal and more mysterious. It emerges from relationship and exploration. It carries us deep into the psyche and lifts us to new levels of self-understanding.


Despite its often spiritual bent, coaching is not ceremony or religion or therapy or even traditional life coaching. But it draws from these and other practices that I have learned from my family, my teachers, and my own exploration. I include breath work, meditation, herbalism, body awareness, visualization, and common sense in this offering, as well as more esoteric wisdom and practice, depending on what resonates with you. Maybe you’ll receive a prescription for teas to drink or instructions to bury your feet in sea water or sand or dirt. Maybe we move through a guided meditation to re-engage with the body and the breath. Often you may come away from a session with a simple “experiment” to play with on your own, from a new approach to scheduling your day, to an intention to carry as you brush your teeth.

In this practice, I am by your side.


I offer allyship and camaraderie, with an extra dose of perspective and knowledge.  Hand in hand, we ask questions, we make discoveries, we find clarity and discernment through self-inquiry, awareness, and understanding. 


The Details


Sessions begin at $40 for 30 minutes. At the half hour mark, we shift to $1/minute.

I am currently offering a $20/20 minute calls as an introductory promotional offer!


This offering is rooted in you: your lifestyle, your needs, your current circumstances. So, as we develop a relationship, part of the process is communicating your needs and experimenting with a structure that works for you.

We begin with a call to discuss what drew you to the practice and how you envision the journey. From there, we brainstorm a model that will work for you, taking into account your own personal practice, your hopes for outside guidance, your time and financial boundaries, and any other ingredients.

More questions? I bet. 

Get in touch!


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