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Heartfelt tarot readings and personal coaching in pursuit of clarity, insight, and well-being.

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I started reading tarot cards in middle school. I dressed in my witchiest skirt, wrapped the major arcana in a moody scarf, and read out on the playground at recess. In the decade or so since then, my personal practice waxed and waned. But starting in 2017, global turmoil and sapling adulthood brought with them a new dedication to, trust of, and love for the cards. This took many forms: regular readings for myself, daily Instagram challenges, reading for strangers in bars, and of course an in-depth study of the practice and ever-developing understanding of the craft.

I see tarot as one of many "ways in,” a structured path to self-inquiry. A reading provides the opportunity to gain deeper insight into your present moment and circumstances. I work with Pamela Coleman Smith-based decks and tend towards the language of cyclical motion and the elements, with splashes of astrology thrown in here and there. I also place great importance on using language that resonates with my clients' relationship to the Unknown.

But sometimes my tarot clients would walk away with tons of ephemeral wisdom and not a whole lot of practical applications. This is where coaching came in. It started as a way to apply a tarot reading to everyday life. Since then, however, it has grown to encompass much more. My clients have included individuals seeking to expand their overall spirituality, folks beginning a healing journey with their body and their sensuality, artists integrating their psyche into their theatrical or writing practice, and new students of tarot.

Most recently, inspired by my one-on-work with beginning readers, I have started teaching tarot classes in 2020, and I am thrilled to be heading down that path this year. Be sure to read about my upcoming class, Everyday Magic, a deep dive into the minor arcana!

Offering this range of services brings me immense joy and brings my clients heightened clarity and deep insight.

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"Sarah has the most calming presence in the entire world. She is intuitive, asks thoughtful questions, but is also so fun...[she] goes through everything step by step and is just happy to be there for you and your needs... 10/10, five stars, over the moon, first place, winner winner chicken dinner."

- K.H., New York

Sarah has been an invaluable resource during an extremely volatile period of my life. Her gentle guidance has enabled me to move forward in a healthier, more holistic fashion while navigating a pandemic, personal growth, and a career change. The amount of tools she has at her disposal is not only impressive, it is imperative for me as someone who gets distracted easily. No session is ever the same, and I always walk away feeling a little closer to my fully realized self. 

- E.L., New York

I received [this reading] after a very emotionally draining but rewarding month. Sarah illuminated parts of my inner being that I had been consciously blinding myself to. To be seen and given tools  to see within myself was something I haven’t experienced before and was perhaps the true gift of our time together. If you seek a radiantly illuminating look into yourself, where you’re at, where you desire to be - go to Sarah."

- R.D., Massachusetts

My reading with Sarah was full, like bright, glowing full moon full. There is nothing superficial. Sarah gives fully then explains and illustrates so you understand. I continue to go back to my notes and grab more insights. Give yourself this gift. 

- L.F., Massachusetts

Rather than telling me exactly what each card meant, she offered a number of possible interpretations and helped me work through these towards an understanding that felt authentic and guiding. If you want to feel involved in the process and seek greater clarity on yourself, your current situation, or upcoming decisions and changes in your life, I cannot recommend Sarah more highly.

- A.G., Massachusetts

"This was my first tarot card reading and I didn't know what to expect. Sarah was warm and welcoming and walked me through the whole thing in a very clear and knowledgeable way. I have to say, I was completely blown away by the entire experience. Sarah's excitement, compassion, and intuition is beyond! I can't wait for my next reading."

- N.B., Massachusetts

"I wish I could add a sixth star! She worked with me to schedule a reading across multiple time zones and tailored the format of the reading to accommodate multiple areas of focus without confusing distinct issues! Her depth, compassion, insight, and (not least of all) wit remain with me after several months -- as does my sense that I should consult her again very soon!

- J.B., Massachusetts

We spent the first 20 minutes just having a conversation. Sarah is a wonderful listener and takes time to learn each person’s spiritual vocabulary and adapt their reading accordingly. Little things like that made the experience that much more personal and meaningful.

- L.L., New York

Sliding Scale

As a practitioner, it is incredibly important to me that those who feel called to my work have options for how to access them. I therefore offer a sliding scale on all my tarot services, unless specifically noted. I have an entire page devoted to this topic and am happy to answer any further questions you have on the matter.

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