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Photos from 'Eyes of a Blue Dog,' 'Romeo and Juliet,' and 'Genesis 22.'

The Woolgatherers Theater Group, NY

Photos by Ariella Axelbank and others.

In 2016, in the corner of our neighborhood bar, my best friend and I started a theater company, The Woolgatherers Theater Group. Despite shared undergraduate training, we had since pursued vastly different theatrical methodologies. But the same philosophies and passions drove us: audience engagement, truthful storytelling, and a visceral experience. We began to gather together stunning artists from a wide range of backgrounds, both artistic and personal, and created five productions together.

As a producer, I balanced logistics and creativity in support of Grace, who directed the majority of our productions. I have managed fundraising campaigns ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 and ran marketing strategies that sold out numerous performances. I also ran our social media in a way that not only presented our aesthetic and values but also drew our audiences in as part of our community rather than observers of our work. And, as anyone in the theater knows, I picked up any and all bits and pieces that needed tending throughout the process, from hiring front of house staff to running out and buying ice myself.

I am a strong leader, a good delegator, and a lifelong student of group dynamics and interpersonal communication. It brings me deep pleasure to bring artists together and help facilitate a shared creative process.

I stepped down as an artistic director on a high note, after co-producing and acting in Romeo and Juliet in order to pursue my M.F.A. in acting, and am currently in development stages for my next company.

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