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Cadent Shakespeare Co.

Creative rhythm for collective liberation.

Cadent Shakes inhabits the mirror between structure and liberation as reflected by Shakespeare performance and ethical creative practice. Our work is rooted in the values of Communication, Service, Learning, and Mystery, and we grow towards creative rhythms that support our artists, audience, and community.
Collective Rhythm

The "Co" in Cadent Shakespeare Co. is not an abbreviation. It is a placeholder for many words: company, cooperative, collaborative, co-production.

CTC consists of a fluid cohort of artists and creators. 
Currently, this cohort consists of one person: hi, I'm Sarah; learn more about me here.

Telling Stories

Storytelling is not only a tradition to the core of humanity, but evidence-based theories place it as a critical step in regulation of our nervous system recovery from stress.

With this in mind, Cadent Shakes explores stories that both challenge and soothe, finding the sweet spot between comfort and friction to help foster communal and individual growth and healing.

Always Curious

In fact, it's more the opposite: we actively seek to introduce techniques and trainings to each other, in full faith that most theatrical (and for that matter artistic, spiritual, and philosophical) 'forms' have all pursued the asking, if not answering, of the same questions.

That said, there are a few approaches that sit at the heart of our origin story. This includes a prioritization of personal connection, rigorous text work, physical expressivity, anatomical sensitivity and awareness, and big picture consciousness of the social, cultural, and political implications of our bodies in space, with each other, saying the words we say and telling the stories we tell.

Never Certain

Cadent Shakes is fundamentally open and available to new ideas. It is at the core of who we are. In a, "May wonders never cease," kind of way, we are hungry for adjustment, realignment, pushback, and the growth that comes with being wrong.

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